pcresultsWe’ll be in Manteo in just over an hour to see if we can catch the results coming in from this year’s Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament.  If you want to catch a glimpse of what things are like on results night, we’ll be streaming on Meerkat for a bit, and we will post final results as we get them.  If you want to watch the stream, just go to our homepage and scroll down a bit, you’ll see the stream and it will go live at 9:00pm.

On the last day there were over 70 billfish caught, on Wednesday and Thursday there were well over 70 caught each day.  So far the biggest meat fish is a 63.6 lb dolphin.

We’d like to thank Captain Marty Brill for keeping us informed and up to date on results, and we’ll try to catch him for a quick update before we go live tonight.  Rumor is that the Sea I Sea out of Swansboro NC will be high in the rankings, and maybe even #1.

If you want to follow the action check out the Pirates Cove Tournament FB page, and check Instagram and Twitter for #pcbt.

UPDATE – The Sea I Sea finished in 1st place, congratulations to the guys!  The boat is based in Swansboro/Morehead.  Dirty Business and Uno Mas rounded out the top 3.

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